Letter to I. Bokova

H.E. Ms Irina Bokova

Director-General, UNESCO

Dear Ms Bokova

We write to once again request that a fact-finding commission be sent to Nakhichevan to investigate the organised cultural genocide perpetrated and carried out by Azerbaijani authorities between 2006 and 2010. It is our view that your and UNESCO’s indifference towards the intentional destruction of over ten thousand Armenian cross-stones (khachkars as they are known to Armenians) has paved the way to similar destructions by ISIS today which are happening before the world’s eyes. UNESCO’s failure to intervene in the destruction of the Armenian cultural heritage is tantamount to it being an accomplice to this heinous crime, particularly given UNESCO’s objectives and mission.

Your indifference and unwillingness to intervene in the destruction of the cross-stones raises the question of whether you simply failed to do your job or whether you intentionally refrained from becoming involved because of a personal gain. Either way, we are considering taking legal action against you for this unacceptable failure which to date remains unexplained and unaccounted for by UNESCO.

The Forum of Armenian Associations of Europe has marked the centenary of the Armenian Genocide as the beginning of a campaign against genocides in general. A significant part of this campaign is the issue of UNESCO’s failure to investigate the said destruction.

We await your response and trust that this time you will provide more serious and practicable solutions.

Yours sincerely

Dr Ashot Grigorian
President, FAAE
Bratislava, Slovakia
June 10, 2015